Mandating the human papillomavirus Free text sex chat with girls on mobile

HPV infection can cause: In this video, a family physician explains his decision, as a doctor and a parent, to make sure each of his children received HPV vaccine at age 11 or 12. Adolescents who receive their two shots less than five months apart will require a third dose of HPV vaccine.

If your teen hasn’t gotten the vaccine yet, talk to their doctor or nurse about getting it for them as soon as possible.

Getting HPV does not mean that a person is engaging in high levels of promiscuity.

A person can receive HPV even if they had only one sexual partner in their lifetime.

However, HPV infection sometimes persists for many years, with or without causing detectable cell abnormalities.

Infection from “High risk” types of HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer.

As of right now, in our country, there is no nationwide laws mandating children to receive this vaccine but that needs to change.

Also, three doses are still recommended for people with certain immunocompromising conditions aged 9 through 26 years.This accounts for 74 percent of 15 to 24 year olds.Anyone who is sexually active can get HPV and it is so common that 80 percent of people who has had sex before will get it at some point throughout their life.About 14 million people, including teens, become infected with HPV each year.Most people with HPV never develop symptoms or health problems.

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