Maria sharapova dating the next roger federer

It really makes me feel really happy inside when I look back on those years," Sharapova told CNN's Open Court ahead of this week's return to London's hallowed grass courts."Of course it was a little bit of a blur, so young, I was in this incredible dream, this incredible run to the finals.

"No matter how prepared you may be, I actually think it's better not to know what will happen," she says of her Wimbledon win.

"For both of us 10 years later to still be grinding, and working, and loving what we do -- I think it's really inspiring for a lot of people around the world because we've gone through a lot in those years," says Sharapova, who won her fifth grand slam title at this month's French Open, while Williams exited early.

"We've battled through injuries, through losses, through wins and we're still there." Baby-faced teen to sports star supreme Right now, Sharapova's confidence is sky-high -- though it wasn't always the case.

It was "the jump start of my career, where it all began for me," says the first Russian woman to win Wimbledon.

"To think back that I was holding that trophy as a 17-year-old girl is really special.

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