Maria sharapova dating the next roger federer

"For both of us 10 years later to still be grinding, and working, and loving what we do -- I think it's really inspiring for a lot of people around the world because we've gone through a lot in those years," says Sharapova, who won her fifth grand slam title at this month's French Open, while Williams exited early.

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"Of course it was a little bit of a blur, so young, I was in this incredible dream, this incredible run to the finals.It makes her the world's highest-paid female athlete on Forbes' list."No matter how prepared you may be, I actually think it's better not to know what will happen," she says of her Wimbledon win.The five-time grand slam winner sacked coach Jimmy Connors last year after just one match together, which she lost.Her new partnership with Sweden's Sven Groeneveld appears to be working out a lot better; in Paris she regained the title that Williams took from her the previous year.

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