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The same would happen across Europe and Eurasia sending great migrations of survivors of the Northern Hemisphere and developed nations into the developing nations for shelter.I spoke to Whitley Strieber about my essay ending .Thus their war of annihilation of the Iranian-backed Shia Houthis of Northern Yemen goes on as they fight a civil war with the US and Saudi backed Sunni Muslim Yemenis in the south.So why not roll out a similar threat of genocide against North Koreans.

In my astrological assessments recorded nearly six months earlier, I wrote about the cosmic influences available around that day.

He definitely saw the parallel to his and radio host Art Bell’s concept that—to put it in simplest terms—conceived of global warming melting so much landlocked ice into the northern Atlantic off Greenland that the great conveyor belt of oceanic warm and cold currents would be disrupted at one of its most critical junctures.

This would result in a sudden ice age event overtaking the northern hemisphere as vast, “Snowercane” cyclonic storms would begin roiling across Northern Europe, Siberia, Alaska and Canada spreading deep into lower temperate zone latitudes, basically freezing and burying entire nations in ice and snow across all of Canada, down to the northern third of the United States.

Religions are born, live, get old and eventually die.

All things that appear before the witnessing of abiding and eternal consciousness must disappear, like puffy clouds or even great and dark storms passing by are momentary passages in what is ever an infinitely vast and open sky.

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