Mark brunetz dating who is carmen electra dating right now

I even told him that thinking about him with another man disgusted me.Later that night we nearly broke up because of me; I told him that he deserved someone who could accept him completely.Because as important as it is for to accept him, it’s much more important that he accepts himself.If he doesn’t, you have big problems on your hands.

You need to know for yourself what — if any — role his bisexuality may play in your relationship.

Then, after our first month of dating, he revealed to me that he had been to a gay bathhouse, but only once and just to see what it was like because he was curious.

He mentioned that he had an encounter with a man flirting with him (while they were both naked in the pool), but when I asked if anything else happened he said no.

Yes, in a perfect world, you would have reacted compassionately and without judgment, but let’s not forget that your boyfriend you to.

You were led to believe one thing — that while your boyfriend had bisexual thoughts, he had never acted on them — and then a bomb was dropped: contrary to his earlier story, you boyfriend had indeed had an “encounter” with a man at a gay bathhouse.

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