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(Formal mediations only occur in "contested cases," ie.

those in which each party is represented by his and her own individual attorney.) I always make certain my client understands the process, and I will meet in advance to answer any questions, update needed information and to outline our position and to formulate specific goals and strategies.

In this situation, I make sure to be "trial ready" when I attend the mediation.The Court also knows that they can depend on the information I provide because I am known for being thorough, honest and accurate.If a Court hearing and / or trial becomes necessary, be assured that I wll fight hard on your behalf.I am committed to be knowledgeable, organized and prepared, and to work diligently to get the best possible outcome.I know what I want BEFORE I get to Court, and my "advance preparation" makes the Judge's decisions to make and, more likely, favorable to my client.

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