Married dating married boss who is latoya luckett dating

Cooper hasn’t really spoken when it comes to disclosing about her love life.

Concerning, Precious Cooper’s married life, whether she had married before, or divorced her husband, or still in a marriage relationship with a husband, it is still unknown.

Right, I agree with poster above.for you Op not to get involved..situation with your friend and the boss will culminate will most probably be bad for her.most often is.will need a friend like you for comfort then...peace I'd tell her to start collecting evidence for a sexual harrassment suit. But the best thing for you to do is tell her your opinion and let it go.

Seriously, she could stand t make a fortune from the company (depending on how big of a company it is). From my POV, she's improved her bargaining leverage 10 fold. She will be a cheap renewable source of entertainment and laughter for you. Hey thanks , this is tough for me she really is a great girl , I for sure do not want to loose her as a friend....knows what they are doing is very very wrong and insists she never ment for things to turn out this way..... If she is bound to do this nothing you or anybody else says is gonna change it! I am asking because I feel a bit torn by concern for her she is my friend and well no she did not ask for advice but I feel as her friend I should express something towards her regarding this...I didn't care what kind of friend would I be.......

"Ok, no seriously...these kinds of situations it is very easy to lose a friend. Don't give to much advise unless she really, really begs for it, then make short. I do try to put myself in the shoes of others.....what they are doing is wrong and unjust but we who are looking in from the outside have no idea what there lives are like everywhere else.....Last updated on June 26th, 2018 at pm Although it is said that we have equality between men and women, men have always been dominating the street racing since the time the sport came into existence.Despite that, Precious Cooper, who is 28 years old, proved that female could also race against men and can be equally as good as them in street racing. She blew up the racers of the group with a victory against Chuck.The real entertainment and laughterwill come when her boss' wife finds outabout the affair. I have seen them together and it is very clear that she I think is in love with him and he the same with her if not very very close.... I am asking for myslef with help on what to do ......I think two people that should have met 20 years ago....didn't but I know she will hurt in the long run, I want to say something but fear loosing her...will remain in my life but he will not so I worry what will we gain if I tell her what I think...... :) Both will hopefully get what they justly deserve.

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