Mars and venus dating stages

If you want more data on life support than you know what to do with, try reading this NASA document. For some great notes on spacecraft life support, read Rick Robinson's Rocketpunk Manifesto essay.

As a very rough rule of thumb: one human will need an amount of mass/volume equal to his berthing space for three months of consumables .

Many of the settlers of Talentar, who would later become dirt farmers and ecopoetic line techs, were drawn from rural areas of Eliéra, seeing an opportunity to apply their sophisticated knowledge of modern agriculture and silviculture to the problems of making this new world blossom.

It is from these settlers that a local variation in the rights and customs of hospitality has become ubiquitous.

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Generally this takes the form of some sort of plants, who use sunlight to turn astronaut sewage and exhaled carbon dioxide into food plants and oxygen.For instance, a 250 day mission with 5 crew would need 1,250 person-days.If food takes up 2.3 kg and 0.0058 m Controlled (or Closed) Ecological Life Support System.This also makes an attractive option out of freezing one's passengers in cryogenic suspended animation.Eric Rozier has an on-line calculator that will assist with calculating consumables.

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