Marsha ambrosius dating

Well I did, but I didn’t want to confront the reasons as to why.So I finally decided to be honest with myself and face a few past situations by writing about them in order to move forward to create the music I really wanted to make.‘s closing track “See I Miss” teeters closer to traditional R&B than your signature Future Bounce sound.Paak, a special anniversary remix of the track now features one of R&B’s most talented singer-songwriter’s Marsha Ambrosius.Today, Gold Link celebrates AATWDT: One Year Later by premiering “See I Miss (Remix)” exclusively with Saint Heron.

Gold Link: I was having a rapid spiritual growth at the time that kind of capped out at a certain level and I didn’t understand why.But then every verse carried scrupulous, metaphoric prose wrapped in artfully shameless transparency that gave me hope for modern rap.While most young rappers were pushing out the same old turn-up/trap jams, Gold Link was busy concocting a new formula that involved nothing but unfaltering originality and everything he loved musically. Fans and followers were pleasantly surprised when Marsha announced her pregnancy in April this year. She was seen rubbing her baby bump during her performance, especially when saying “Baby” in the lyrics. It’s her boyfriend (soon-to-be husband), Dez Billups.

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