Merkur razor dating

Fans of single edge shaving say they get a closer, more consistent shave this way, particularly for those with heavy stubble.

Others say that for best results try stretching the skin like you would with a straight razor.

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There are a number of variants that were produced through the years: some models are more desirable than others.

All these razors are designed and built by artisans so they are relatively expensive and produced in small quantities with very limited availability.

The “Cobra Classic” razor was introduced by Classic Shaving in 2009 as a response to a sudden decline in availability of Injector razor blades.

The blade design is similar to the blades that were used with the vintage Valet Auto Strop. Single edge razor blades are typically thicker than their double edged cousins, relying on the blade itself for stiffness and stability, rather than the razor’s specific head design.

Single edge razors can also be angled at the head so the handle can be designed for a more natural grip and feel too.

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