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For example, here's a C program that writes a 4-byte signed integer to a file: But here's a question: how do you know that the data is Little-Endian?

One common solution is to start files with a “magic number” that indicates the byte order. An alternative is to specify the ordering, and require writers to follow that specification.

I highly recommend his article on the history and evolution of C, as an example of how a language designer thinks. In Gulliver's Travels, the two societies of Lilliputians break their eggs from different ends, and that minor difference has led to eternal strife.

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These operations are responsible for finding the particular field within the object and converting it (if necessary) to fit the fixed-width JVM stack.Instead, C (and C ) allows you to use a structure or class definition as a “view” on arbitrary memory.You can take any pointer, cast it as a pointer-to-structure, and then access that memory using code like to maximize the efficiency of access for a particular architecture.A program running on a modern operating system thinks that it has a large, contiguous allotment of memory: 2 gigabytes in the case of 32-bit editions of Windows and Linux, 8 terabytes or more for x64 editions (limited both by the operating system and the hardware itself).Behind the scenes, the operating system maintains a “page table” that identifies where in physical memory (or disk) the data for a given virtual address resides.

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