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Her maternal grandparents are Froilan Bercero and Julita Ramos. cc=1410394&wc=3M57-6TT:25277601,25277602,25431201,25590101 Log in to Reply He is a German Filipino there is a Filipinos with German and Italian blood the closet i think of Italian Filipino mix is a Italian Chinese Spanish Chinese Spanish Filipino mix Keanu Reeves has Italian Irish and Chinese in him he is the closet i can think who has a similar mix too her. I come from a well-off family in the Philippines and I met my husband in the US. Same thing having whores in the US, girls that work to go through college.Lastly, kindly transfer this from Vanessa Minnillo to Vanessa Lachey because she is now currently using her married name. Log in to Reply The closet i think of a German Filipino mix is a Chinese German mix like Bruce Lee his mum was 1/2 Chinese 1/2 German making him 1/4 German 1/4 Chinese i never heard of any German Japanese mixes but German Filipino mixes and German Chinese mixes are the closet i think can of. Are you saying that they don’t deserve anything good!!Vanessa’s paternal grandmother is Marilyn Edith Levy (the daughter of Julius Levy and Anna Beatrice Collins).Julius was born in Ohio, to Russian Jewish parents, Henry Levy and Mary.Christopher was the son of Italian emigrants, Francesco Minnillo and Maria Carolina Federico, from Matrice, Campobasso, Molise.Ann was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Savino Defelice/di Felice, from Rivisondoli, Abruzzo, and Maria Ramicone.The full name of her father is Vincent Charles Minnillo while the full name of her mother is Helen Ramos Bercero. I think that some like to insult the beautiful due to jealousy. Log in to Reply you’re right, mixed people often have nice/exotic features, plus it’s good to have mixed genes!

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Log in to Reply Hey People, You should not embarrased of being a half-Filipino because we have the most beautiful skin color in the world,the perfect tan you can ever imagine,the think black hair you can imagine.Log in to Reply i do not think VMinnilo is 100% of mixed race. I am very sure her real father is a filipino, but she got adopted by the Italian/Irish father. Those filipinos who deny their nationality or embarrassed by it all I can say is SHAME ON YOU. Ana,, Filipinos are just so popular in the world…dont you get it…let stop this all nonsense comment about heritage.all be proud that we are all human,not a dragon…. I don’t know that she’s embarassed by it, maybe she’s just ignorant that there is a difference.She looks very much like her mother and other filipino woman that of low class. You can absolutely tell that she has some Filipino features. I’ve even heard other Asians say the Philippines is polynesian, not Asian, because it is not connected to the main continent.Vanessa is married to singer Nick Lachey, with whom she has three children.Vanessa’s father, Vincent Charles Minnillo, an American Air Force officer, is caucasian, and is of one half Italian, one quarter Russian Jewish, and one quarter Irish, descent.

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