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This was a practical display that can show the local time anywhere on the planet.

Following extensive research of local conflict dynamics and information flows in the project’s two focal areas, Lashio Shan State and Amarapura Mandalay Division, we brought together key community influencers through dialogue sessions and training on the Common Ground Approach, media literacy, and rumor management.

The project directly engaged three target groups – government institutions at the township level, non-state actors, and civil society organizations (CSOs) to help them rebuild their relationships and collaborate with each other to achieve the common good and peaceful coexistence in the target area.

The project’s goal was to contribute towards the process of mainstreaming social cohesion in Myanmar society.

The influencers themselves established Community Information Management (CIM) committees, which Search and local partner MIDO supported through monthly mentoring, refresher trainings, and positive messaging campaigns.

Today, after the end of the project, these committees continue to thrive and grow under local leadership.

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