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The majority are trainers, advisers and reconnaissance officers as well as analysts, but the personnel also include private security contractors bringing the total number to about 8,000 US personnel.The US units include an artillery battalion in western Iraq and a squadron of Apache military helicopters tasked with defending Baghdad's Green Zone and the Baghdad international airport.Iran Up to 6,000 Iranian military personnel from the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij are thought to be present in Diyala, Salah al-Din, Waset, Babel and Baghdad provinces, embedded with the Popular Mobilisation Units.

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They are present in a small base shared with the Peshmerga southwest of Erbil.

Russia maintains an advanced radar facility north of Baghdad. Spain A few dozen trainers working with the Iraqi army and local police in Baghdad and northern Iraq.

Moscow obtained permission from the government but not parliament for the facility.

USA American military personnel are mainly deployed in seven military bases across Iraq: Ain al-Assad and Habbania in western Iraq; Ain Kawa and Dohuk in the Kurdistan region; al-Rustumia and al-Matar in Baghdad; and Qayyara in Nineveh province.

US forces, which number roughly 6,000 including 1,200 marines, share these bases with Iraqi regular forces.

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