Mitochondrial dating

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"There is always some other female that predated mitochondrial Eve, whose DNA didn't make it up to modernity," said Marek Kimmel, a professor of statistics at Rice University.

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As part of the three-year project, Kimmel and Krzysztof Cyran, a Polish researcher, compared the estimates produced by about 10 genetic models intended to determine when mitochondrial Eve lived.An agreement But, regardless, all of the models produced estimates placing this ancient mother's age at around 200,000 years."We actually show if one uses different models, one comes up with a very similar estimate, so this makes the estimate more robust," Kimmel said.They started with data on mitochondrial DNA previously collected from random blood donors.Scientists know the average rate of mutation, so they can look at the genetic variation among pairs of individuals to see when their lineages diverged. "Mutation is producing divergence, but some of the divergence is lost because of random events that occur, for example some populations become extinct," Kimmel said.

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