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She returned to Salem as a teenager in 2015, and she finally graduated from high school in 2016 with Theo Carver, her aunt Ciara Brady, her cousin Joey Johnson, and Jade Michaels. In 2016, she began having a romantic relationship with Theo.

She took a job as a hospital assistant and a waiter in a cafe.

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Claire was aged at this point and then kidnapped by Crystal Miller and brought to New Ross, Ireland for protection.

This is where she was found in January 2008 by Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Belle, Chloe, Philip and Shawn.

Claire became very ill when she was just a few months old and Belle took her to the hospital.

It was there that Kate found out Claire's blood type was AB- and knew that she wasn't Philip's daughter. Mimi found out the same information and kept it secret, because she was marrying Shawn and didn't want him to find out the truth and go back to Belle.

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