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Dad holds his daughters hips as she straddles him, saying, Id be so proud to go out with you sweetieyoure the most beautiful woman I knowokay?

Haley is a daddys girl and they both share the same romantic ideas about things.She goes on to tell the Madison that shes actually looking forward to the valentine date with her dad more than she did with her boyfriend.She also tells Madison that she thinks that her mom is a bit jealous that dad is going out with Haley instead of mom. Haley thanks her dad for going out with her and making her forget about the boyfriend.John proposes another toast and Mary takes another big gulp of wine.John tells his wife that she looks tired and Mary tells him that shes cleaned the house all day. John suggests that she just leans down and rests on the pillow on the sofa. As soon as she puts her head down she closes her eyes.

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