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Existing GSS-API mechanisms are insufficient for communicating certain authorization and authentication information to a server.

The GSS-API and its mechanisms certainly could be extended to address this shortcoming.

Most of these use an interface description language (IDL) to let various platforms call the RPC.

The IDL files can then be used to generate code to interface between the client and servers.

This is a form of client–server interaction (caller is client, executor is server), typically implemented via a request–response message-passing system.

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Also, callers generally must deal with such failures without knowing whether the remote procedure was actually invoked.Idempotent procedures (those that have no additional effects if called more than once) are easily handled, but enough difficulties remain that code to call remote procedures is often confined to carefully written low-level subsystems.To let different clients access servers, a number of standardized RPC systems have been created.Abstract This document specifies version 3 of the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) security protocol (RPCSEC_GSS).This protocol provides support for multi-principal authentication of client hosts and user principals to a server (constructed by generic composition), security label assertions for multi-level security and type enforcement, structured privilege assertions, and channel bindings. Status of This Memo This is an Internet Standards Track document.

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