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[url= V/A - 'Endzeit Bunkertracks [act V]' 4CD box FREAKANGEL's track "God's Blind Game" in a special edit will be available on the upcoming Alfa Matrix's compilation "Endzeit Bunkertracks [act V]"! Don't forget to check out CD 3 (Mixing On) from her upcoming album "MOVING ON"!

CD3: Mixing On Godless (SIVA SIX remix) Broken Heart Cliche (LARVA mix) The Fall (WYNARDTAGE mix) Godless (IMPLANT mix) Broken Heart Cliche (ALIEN VAMPIRES mix) Moving On (ESSENCE OF MIND mix) Godless (DEDMAN mix) Broken Heart Cliche (HEX RX remix) I can't be the one (XYKOGEN mix) Godless (fraqtured:sound remix) Broken Heart Cliche (FREAKANGEL mix) The Fall (Detritus remix) THE FAULTS OF HUMANITY / ALFA MATRIX CD1: "The Faults Of Humanity" 1.

) bands to appear on the new Endzeit Bunkertracks sampler. You have the power to cast your vote and elect the best from these top 5 bands. dmitry "d F" is more than likely most known as the founder of electro band Suicidal Romance. Finale CD2: "Humanity By De-Fault" / 2CD LIMITED EDITION ONLY 1.

fr0zen is a man behind electro industrial band Cyclone B.

Samuti hääletati 7-dale kohale kategoorias "The Best Newcomer of 2010" ZILLO Music Magazine lugejate poolt. everyone always says so, but I have never done anything like this. Freakangeli frontman ja loominguline juht Dmitry ei ole kunagi kõlanud nii võimsalt ega ole eales varem vokaal nii laia ulatusega olnud.

All DJ's from the Alfa Matrix pool counting over 700 unique scene activists had the opportunity to vote for their favorite "up and coming" band out of 5 acts that Alfa Matrix had pre-selected during the preparation of the forthcoming Endzeit Bunkertracks 5 compilation Box. novembril 2009, ilmub Forgotten Sunrise'i CD singel “The Moments When God Was Wrong”.

The band that received the most votes in the contest will have the opportunity to release their debut album on Alfa Matrix in 2010. Singlit avaldatakse vaid 200 käsitsi nummerdatud koopiat.

X Sõjajala õis (Single Version) XI Moment - Remix by Machine Park XII Moment - Remix by Shari De Lorian XIII Moment - Remix by Neuronphase Dmitry i.

on ikka jah see sama Dmitry, keda me teame Sucidal Romance`ist ja nüüd ka Freakangel'ist.

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