My friend dating my ex girlfriend

Desire/intrigue At first, you thought you were just going to shamelessly use your ex for sex, but then you notice they look good. They know exactly what makes you tingle and they exploit it.

They turn on a sex playlist and you realize you still like their taste in music. Then they make that face you hate right before they come and you remember.

Don't hold that against them, do your best to understand what they're going through, and then be ready to jump back in with a big old dollop of friendship when they're ready.

You might think you've moved on, but as soon as you see your ex with a new plaything, you might get a little envious.

After a few minutes, she finally opened the door and before I could say anything, her fist connected with my face... I fell to the floor, stunned that my best friend had actually just punched me.

Looking back on this moment now, my friend and I laugh about how ridiculous it all was, how I definitely deserved to be punched in the face, how it is absolutely hilarious that after being punched I still tried chasing after her to apologize, and most importantly that no boy is ever worth ruining a friendship over.

Five years down the road, if you're still single and interested in her leftovers, then perhaps you both can consider it. You've been compared to your best friend your whole life, do you really want to add your role in bed to that list? I'm just curious what makes you think that they will treat you any differently?

If he cheated on her, he'll cheat on you, regardless of how perfect you think you'll be for him.4. Just because your best friend wants the best for you doesn't mean she wants you to date her ex-boyfriend.

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Every girl knows that the first rule of girl code is ex-boyfriends are OFF LIMITS, and being drunk is no excuse. I don't know if I did it because I was sad about my own breakup or resentful that my friend was currently in a relationship of her own, but regardless I instantly knew I fucked up big time. Being drunk didn't help, as I stumbled up the stairs and jumbled my words.You're definitely entitled to giving an opinion if you think they're dating a fuckboy or fuckgirl, but realize that your motivations might not seem as pure as you intend.In the beginning, relationship advice should probably not be given.But hey, you wanted her boyfriend so maybe you'll want her name, too. The chances of successful group dates are highly unlikely and if you want to ever bring your bf to those concerts you always attend....well, think again.Basically, don't be the bitch who dates your best friend's ex. The things that used to annoy you kinda start turning you on.

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