My mobil facebook is not updating

On FB Messenger, what does the timestamp and ' Active' mean in New Message?Just curious in FB Messenger what the time stamp means under names under ' New Message'.Yeah, you would think that if FB can see this that they would fix the problem or at least answer it.But i can assure all of you (just like people have said before) for some people the last active timestamp is a complete made up number!!Well I waited till it said active 15m ago then I tried texting her regular cell number.I immediately switched back to the messenger app and voila. I did it multiple times during the night and every single time the same results.Hi i have a nokia lumia phone powered by microsoft windows. With your FB chat ON and status AVAILABLE, go to settings and play with the advanced tab in the battery saver options. Try setting the first option and check ur FB chat, if not connected set the next and continue doing this for at least 2 to 3 cycles and see if that fixes it. previously i was able to chat with my facebook contacts but after using the phone for 5 months my chat has stopped working it showed me signed up to chat but it shows that no one is online.... have checked out with microsoft they are asking to contact you guys as there is no problem in microsoft account...

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the only thing that is actually accurate is that if someone DOES in fact access the facebook app on the phone it WILL show they were active accurately.If it says active 17h ago, does that mean that person was active... On FB Messenger, what does the timestamp and ' Active' mean in New Message?If it says active 17h ago, does that mean that person was active sending messages in Messenger, or if it means it was the last time they checked their Facebook?there is a reason why divorce rates sky rocketed since facebook was released... I thought, as did most of you above me that it meant no one could see that I'm logged in. So maybe, it is because they have notifications turned on and everytime they receive some notification, it updates the time. ok people I have figured it out and its rediculous.This is a terrible thing for FB to leave wide open. Currently, instead of trusting FB, I am logging out each time I get on it or off of it. We'd all like to keep our status's personal. So I was doing another test today and last night to see if my hunch was right.

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