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De Wolfe said the site's worth was "in the billions." Rose mentioned how Murdoch had bought Myspace's parent company, Intermix, for 0 million. There are people that want to meet with you in other divisions, and it's a professional courtesy to see how you can work with them.

So from that perspective, you sort of end up taking your eye off the ball.

The colleagues dreamed up Myspace as a more freewheeling version of Friendster, an early social media network that became popular and, in a foreshadowing of things to come, was eventually abandoned en masse by its users.

For a time, Myspace was blessed with the improvisational luck that seems to grace all successful startups.

He was a single, underemployed actor in Los Angeles, an exhibitionist in need of an audience, and Myspace filled almost every need.In April 2004, Myspace dropped the requirement, and anybody could cruise around.Voyeurism spiked, page views skyrocketed, and Myspace engineers raced to keep up with the growth.The company was considering a redevelopment plan that would have moved its headquarters to the far west side of Manhattan.Sketches from the time show an alternate vision of the company's future anchored, front and center, by a gleaming Myspace pavilion. anymore and has previously declined to speak in depth about the acquisition.

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