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Underneath is the label from the dealers in question with details of the Toby jug but no mention of restoration.Restoration can be difficult to spot and even reputable dealers are not infallible - I can recall four occasions over the past 15 years where I’ve failed to see an area of restoration and in each case I’ve offered a complete refund or an agreed reduction thus ensuring that my customer was happy.It’s important that, in addition to receiving a written and detailed condition report, you also check the piece when it arrives and if you have any concerns contact the dealer straight away – any reputable dealer will address your concerns and deal with them in an appropriate manner and to your satisfaction21st February 2018 Many thanks to my good friend Milt for allowing me to publish pictures of part of what is an exceptional collection of early Toby jugs which I know many collectors will appreciate.A wonderful selection including many rare examples and the line of Ralph Wood’s look spectacular as do the three large hat Toby’s in the top right corner!21st December 2017 This lovely Portuguese version of the Martha Gunn Toby jug sold at the Marques Dos Santos auction in Porto on Tuesday for a little over 1800 Euro's - sadly not to me! Initially I thought that this was a flask rather than a Toby jug but she did in fact have a handle and was in lovely original condition c.1800 - my thanks to Sergio for this picture.December 19th 2017 Good friends Peter and Sara came to the house yesterday to collect some Toby jugs and Peter gave me a surprise Christmas present of this lovely pottery plaque.January 26th 2018 This attractive early 19th century pearlware Lord Howe Toby jug sold today at T. Gaze auctioneers - estimated at £80 - £120 it achieved a price of just over £2300 including premiums!Clearly good early Toby jugs continue to fetch excellent prices within what is a very strong collecting community.

The underglazed W is clear and by hand and therefore inscribed before the final firing – presumably denoting Wood?

Forget socks and aftershave - what more could a man want for Xmas! It was my 70th birthday last week and my daughter Zoe arranged for this incredible cake to be made - it's supposed to bear a slight resemblance to me but all I can see is a cross between Popeye and Bluto!

July 17th 2017 Lot 49 The Mackintosh sale 1967 I have just acquired this unusual green coated Ralph Wood sharp face Toby jug – Lot 49 from the 1967 Mackintosh sale held at Sotheby’s in London.

March 27th 2019 This very well decorated Pratt Ware Toby jug sold this morning at Gildings auctioneers for c. In good original condition with just a chip to his hat he is a fine example and yet again proves that good early Toby jugs continue to achieve excellent prices which is great news for all collectors.

Whilst I will often put details on my website of a Toby that has recently sold at auction I will never put details of a Toby that is coming up for sale – I consider this bad practice - plus I may well be bidding and want that bargain!

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