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Thus the corpse representing Lord Shiva means that only those persons who remain engrossed in samadhi are able to obtain her grace.● She has placed her right foot forward but according to the conventional rules women are to place their left foot forward & placing the right foot forward for women is considered inauspicious.

By this it means that there is no difference between what is auspicious & inauspicious to Her because both are the two faces of the same coin & exist together.

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Due to her nakedness, Goddess Kali is thought to represent sex, war & destruction in Hinduism by the Western civilization which is absolutely baseless.

The symbolism that lies in the image of Goddess Kali(below) is● Her nakedness indicates that she is The Infinite that can't be limited by the human mind.

Another interpretation states that this resembles silence as tongue is the organ of speech, & the Goddess has bitten her own tongue, which means that words become silent when she is obtained by her sadhaka● Her earrings are composed of child-corpses which means that She will hear the prayers of those who are childlike simple & remain absorbed in samadhi .

After this one can decide what she stands for but it seems to me that She represents none other than the Supreme Brahman described in the Upanishadas in the fullest There might be some mistakes in this humble attempt but it must be as Sri Adi Shankaracharya stated at the end of every verse in his Kalika Ashtakam (Octet to Kalika) स्वरूपं त्वदीयं न विन्दन्ति देवाः (Even the Devas can’t know Thy Nature), what to say about a mortal like me.

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