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Granted it is the least sparsely region of Namibia, and it is not your standard place of beauty.

Unless dry, hot, dusty, dead, weathered, rocky, or sandy are your ideal adjectives when looking for your next holiday.

By the time we turned on the road for the canyon it was dark.

Read More: A Namibian night during the new moon is pure darkness.

If you want to sit on a beach and drink pina colada’s Namibia won’t be your cup of tea. Our first stop in Namibia was a deep gouge out of the earth that could swallow cities whole.

Namibia is a country that reminds you that the earth does not revolve around you. Fish River Canyon was the result of the separation of the Gondwana supercontinent.

We drove into Southern Namibia from South Africa and were greeted by looming rock formations and empty roads.

The path before us wound through an arid canyon and came up to a plateau, and the perfect Southern Namibia self drive itinerary laid ahead.

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We arrived in this area at the start of a new moon after driving all day from Cape Town.

There are no street lights, paved roads, or houses.

We drove down a sand road and could not distinguish any characteristics of the landscape.

The walk provided stunning views of the landscape and gave us a chance to get active, something we needed after all the driving.

We came to a small nature blind which provided shade, as the sun was starting to peak out, and offered a great vantage point.

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