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Eric, a native of southern California, has lived in Pescadero for 20 years and is a wealth of local information and gossip.Somewhere in the conversation of what had changed in the four months since I’d last been here the subject of El Mirabuena, the new gentlemen’s club/whorehouse, came up. For all I’ve experienced in life, there are certain areas where I am embarrassingly naïve – for example, I can count my strip club experiences on exactly one finger.It’s a small stretch of sparse desert polka-dotted with squat cement homes and a small one-road town just off the highway.To the west are farmlands (la huerta) irrigated in part by a natural aquifer that feeds lush vegetation and palm trees.” Around the crowd picks up and the first dancer takes the stage to Livin’ on a Prayer.I’m not sure I will ever hear that song the same way again.Blue, red and white lights flash against the interior walls and throw long shadows on the outdoor patio that opens to the stars.

Not for the first time in my life I look around and wonder, “How did this get to be my life?My night in a Mexican whorehouse started innocently enough over a couple of delicious carnitas with my friend Jen at a local taquería in Pescadero, Mexico.Pescadero, population 1,500, is located 65 km north of Cabo San Lucas, situated between the Pacific to the west and the Sierra mountains to the east.Let me tell you, they get a real kick out of seeing this white lady in a whorehouse. I look around to find we’re still the only gringos in the place (and I’m the only non-working female).Greg has gone off for his lap dance and Eric is deep in conversation with a beauty.

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