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Some old stands of black spruce and cedar are found in the swamps.

On the west-facing cliffs along some of the lakes they found three arctic alpine plants, Nahanni oak fern, smooth woodsia and showy locoweed, that are rare plant species in Ontario.

The crater is also part of a trapline for a member of the Gull Bay First Nation on Lake Nipigon and First Nations communities in the area have a long history of visiting the crater. The day was cool and sunny, and there was enough wind to keep the bugs to a minimum.

Along the canyon shoreline were large rocks and scree slopes at the base of the cliffs.

In addition, Native People have undoubtedly visited Devil’s Crater numerous times over thousands of years.

Although the canyon and crater wouldn’t have had much appeal for hunting or fishing, a site this unusual has an appeal that goes beyond just obtaining resources.

The next summer, Bill and Anne Ostrum also reached the crater.

They successfully climbed both waterfalls that enter into the crater and took core samples of red pine, growing near their northern limit, that grow along the edge of the crater.In a few minutes, the small, almost perfectly circular lake was below us.Surrounded by towering cliffs, it lay in the midst of a gently undulating topography filled with the bogs, creeks, small lakes and boreal forest that are typical of northwestern Ontario.There are no roads within 20kilometres of the crater and canyon, so we had Huron Air from Armstrong, Ontario fly us in.We landed on a small lake connected to the canyon via a narrow creek.

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