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“Back when marriages were almost all arranged, the astrologer would look at each person’s chart and based on the placement of the sun and the moon at the time of their births, an auspicious date would be chosen,” explains Sneha Shrestha, the founder of Sight Impact, a company that provides bespoke travel experiences to Nepal.

Sneha was married a few years back in a traditional seven-day Nepalese wedding, and has also been to her fair share of friends’ and family members’ celebrations.

Called the janti, this officially kicked off the wedding festivities and these processions often look downright cinematic.

Typically, the groom travels in either a decorated car or horse-drawn carriage—Prabodh made the trip by car—accompanied by family members, friends, and often a band, wearing a new outfit, a is also known as “the giving away of the bride,” and it includes that last rituals that take place at the bride’s house before she goes with the procession to the groom’s house.

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We spoke with Biswas KC on his experience on this unique dating show, where dating-partners have to undress each other before starting the conversation.

“These days an astrologer might come up with a few auspicious dates,” she says.

“And then, the couple’s families pick one.” While choosing a wedding date with an astrologer is a common thread through most Nepalese weddings, beyond that, they are as varied as the Nepalese people.

Aditi and Prabodh sat next to each other, but on separate mats, as the priests began the series of rituals by performing a or ceremony. Later, Aditi sat while Prabodh put red vermilion pigment along the part in her hair three times.

She then made seven statements or vows before taking a seat on the left side of Prabodh.

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