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The site is located at a major confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois Rivers, directly across the Mississippi River from present-day St. At its height is was composed of 120 major mounds (of which 80 remain today) and a city estimated at 40-50,000 people, making it the largest city in the United States until Philadelphia overtook it in the 18 Century.

Monk’s Mound is the largest earthwork in the complex and it measures 100 feet tall, with an original base of 1,000 feet.

Surrounding this giant, the Smithsonian team found more bodies and noted in their report that “the bodies had been prepared after the manner of mummies and upon the stones that covered the vault were carved inscriptions.” All this evidence was shipped to the Smithsonian and in the report it noted “this is the most interesting collection ever found in America.” There have been a number of intriguing finds in Indiana over the years including the discovery of eight skeletons, one clad in copper armor, buried in a perfect circle.

In 1888, the Logan Grey’s, a military group led by A. Jones were conducting military exercises on a small island on Eagle Lake near Warsaw, Indiana.

Then, at a depth of nine feet, another giant skeleton was found in the remains of a bark coffin and it was noted in their report that this giant had a skull, which was of “the compressed or flat-head type.” In other words, this skeleton exhibited conehead characteristics similar to those found in South America and Egypt.

As digs progressed in other parts of the state, archaeologists in Wheeling, WV found another grouping a giants ranging in height from 6’7” to 7’6” and also displaying unusual skull formations with low foreheads that sloped back gradually, “while the back part of the head is very prominent, much more so than the skulls of people living today.” Adjacent to these finds, an eight-mile wall and a hilltop temple were also found in Marshall County on Mount Carbon.

Further digging revealed axes, tomahawks, beads and several smoking pipes, some engraved with dogs heads.

Giant skeletons were also unearthed “the skulls of which are of an enormous size and all manner of shape, some being twice the size of a normal human.” In addition to the human skeletons found in NY State, there is also the famous case of “The Cardiff Giant,” a white alabaster-like statue of an 11-foot man which showed an exposed penis and hieroglyphic inscriptions.

One of the largest finds on record was reported in “A History of Jennings County Indiana,” published in 1885, it was reported that in 1881 a nine-foot tall skeleton was unearthed in a local mound, along with the body of a blond-haired child.

Not only are there numerous finds of giants 8-10 feet tall, but there are also related finds that are equally astonishing.

Among the most significant are the Cincinnati tablets inscribed with hieroglyphs, textiles that resemble those from Assyria and Babylon, a skull examined by a surgeon in Cincinnati that exhibits evidence of brain surgery that “shows knowledge of practical surgery scarcely excelled at the present day,” as well as evidence of metallurgy, forges, slag, iron and even saws.

This statue caused a world-wide sensation and was exhibited in New York City to thousands of paying customers before it was declared a fake by the NY newspapers, despite the fact that scholars from Harvard and elsewhere insisted that the statue was genuine.

For sheer mind-blowing diversity, the discoveries across the state of Ohio may be the richest and most unusual in the country.

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