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I can only send you my gratulations, that you have such a good vision now!

Think about my words, you might agree after a weeks time??

But around three days ago I have been finding myself leaving them on after those activities. But now when I take off my glasses, the world is a literal blur and I feel like Im going to bump into people and I get a headache so I just put them back on. Soundmanpt , Kids With Glasses Well there is no doubt that the 10 year old and 7 year old are going to be wearing their glasses full time when they get them.

Can I break out of this full time habit without getting headaches or feeling nauseous without my glasses?! The doctor is doing the right thing by only giving them both a partial of their full prescription because their eyes wouldn't be able to handle the strength of their glasses if they got their full prescription all at once.

I mean did he say they should also wear their glasses full time or just for certain things? I'm sure it's going to seem funny for you seeing all of your kids wearing glasses?

I usually takes a few days for your brain to stop correcting the images, which you are noticing.Many people think that their glasses made their vision worse, but they really do not.If you stop wearing your glasses, which are labor saving devices for your brain, your brain can go back to correcting the images, but it will take some time and it will likely complain as you are also experiencing. Because your first prescription is -3.25 and as I mentioned above you have built in reading glasses, you may experience some problems focusing close with your glasses.The very best thing to do is just wear your glasses full time.Remember, you wear vision correction for YOUR benefit.

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