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As industry and businesses flourished, residents built substantial retail buildings, churches and private residences.

The Paddock Arcade, built in 1850 according to European and US models, is the oldest continuously operating enclosed mall in the United States.

Advanced placement (AP) is a program that offers high school students the ability to take college level courses and exams.

These programs were created to be at the same level of most first year university courses.

If the students were successful in the AP programs, they could potentially receive advanced placement, credit or exemptions when they go on to university.

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Watertown is a city in the state of New York and the county seat of Jefferson County. Named after the many falls located on the Black River, the city developed early in the 19th century as a manufacturing center.

Other mills rapidly joined the business base and generated revenue to support early public works projects like the water system and illuminating gas works in 1853, and a telephone system in 1879. Woolworth conceived the idea of his mercantile chain while working there in 1878.

Woolworth, employed as a clerk in Moore's Store, set up a successful clearance display of low-priced items.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as are several significant churches and private mansions.

The drop in the Black River at Watertown's location provided abundant water power for early industry.

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