Nfs not updating ctime

In that case..-- maybe adding some sort of random offset to the change_attribute that's generated at boot time might make sense.Posted Aug 23, 2013 UTC (Fri) by bfields (subscriber, #19510) [Link] Yeah, exactly.

Those don't need to be written to stable storage until the client issues a COMMIT (though the server is free to write them out earlier if it needs to).Therefore, an NFS filesystem which is under a heavy write workload may result in stat calls having a high latency. IIRC, the change_attribute is supposed to be opaque.The required semantics indicate that a process which does stat, write, stat, should see a different mtime on the file in the results from the second stat call compared to the mtime in the results from the first stat call.File times in NFS are maintained strictly by the server, so the file mtime will not be updated until the data has been transmitted to the server via the WRITE NFS protocol operation.

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