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The largest concentrations of Fulani are in the countries of Nigeria, Senegal, and Guinea.

In these countries, Fulani became the ruling class and intermarried with the local populations.

A woman in front of her, ignored me, and asked Mc Cann for the release, which the reporter gave her.

All I said to the woman were three words: “Who are you?

My British passport-holding daughter-in-law, who was born in Somalia, asked me if I thought she should be packing her bags.

Against this scary backdrop, ex-human rights group chief Shami Chakrabarti launched her Labour report about anti-semitism and racism with party leader Jeremy Corbyn by her side.

” She replied: “Ruth Smeeth, Labour MP.” I’d never heard of her.

After the meeting I learned she’d resigned from Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, like other MPs keen to politically damage him.

LOCATION: From the western part of West Africa (Senegambia) to Chad in the east (some groups reaching as far as the Nile river in the countries of Sudan and Ethiopia); largest concentrations in Nigeria, Senegal, and Guinea POPULATION: More than 6 million LANGUAGE: Fulfulde; Arabic; French; English RELIGION: Islam The Fulani peoples (also known as Fulbe or Peuls ) live in West Africa.

Mc Cann challenged Corbyn about the “leaflet a Momentum member and Jeremy Corbyn supporter" had been handing out accusing MPs attacking him of being traitors and asking their party members to consider removing them. But Chakrabarti treated me as if I was invisible and called other journalists.

Only after I said “Shami, you haven’t called anyone black” did she say, “Ok, you’re next”.

The media manufactured incident made broadcast and newspaper headlines.

Smeeth’s unfounded accusation prompted a backlash online, including some vile racist abuse, against me.

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