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The update will arrive as a part of the Nest app’s update that begins rolling out today.Once you have that new update, you’ll head into the Nest app, opening settings and then look for the “Add Google Assistant” option.Landlord shall amortize such costs over the useful life and at a reasonable rate of interest.Notwithstanding the foregoing, CAM shall exclude the following: amounts reimbursable from insurance proceeds, under warranty or by Tenant, any other tenant in the Building or any other third party other than pursuant to a CAM expense provision similar to this Section; interest, late charges or penalties incurred as a result of Landlord’s failure to pay bills in a timely manner (unless such failure is directly related to the failure of Tenant to pay Tenant’s Share of any such bill in a timely manner); the portion of CAM which relate to more than one building or project to the extent that cost should be allocated to a building or project which is not occupied by Tenant, including, for example, employee costs, office costs, parking lot maintenance and repairs.The affordable Work Zone Cam service brings you high quality technology and comes with a lifetime warranty.Additional benefits include: Work Zone Cam delivers the fastest 4G wireless cellular services available.An example of a CAM Lease clause follows COMMON AREA MAINTENANCE EXPENSES (CAM): Common Area Maintenance (CAM) shall include but not be limited to maintenance, repair, replacement and care of all lighting, plumbing, roofs, parking surfaces, landscaped areas, signs, snow removal, non-structural repair and maintenance of the exterior of the Building, costs of equipment purchased and used for such purposes, cleaning and cleaning supplies for the common areas, insurance premiums for insurance required by this Lease, management fee up to five percent (5%) of gross collected rents, and wages and fringe benefits of personnel up to the level of property manager or equivalent employed for such work.

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We empower our customers with the best Do-it-Yourself Construction Camera and deliver a basic, no-frills service to keep the prices low.

Additional benefits: Our approach is simple - empower our customers with the best Do-it-Yourself construction camera and deliver a basic, no-frills service to keep the prices low.

With Work Zone Cam, you have more options due to our extensive coverage area.

Our cellular service is included as part of one simple monthly package. Network Connection Ready Work Zone Cam does not force you to be dependent on utilizing the included wireless service.

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