No sing up just for preverts chat

is taken aback by some of the famous names being exposed in the groundswell of sexual harassment or assault allegations against predatory men, but welcomes the empowerment that is driving victims to speak out Yonden Lhatoo is the Chief News Editor at the South China Morning Post.

He is a former television news anchor and veteran broadcast journalist.

Granted, all humans may well be animals at the end of the day, driven by built-in sexual desires pre-designed to ensure the propagation of our species.

What sets us apart is our capacity for self-reflection and abstraction.

So, when men go sniffing around women, tongues out and tails wagging, “no” means “back off” – it’s as simple as that.

And yet, just look at that ever-expanding list of sexual perverts, paedophiles and predators being outed on an almost daily basis after the Weinstein scandal opened the floodgates.

All of it has to do with men in positions of power taking shameful advantage of women obliged to work with them.

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