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Still following the routine of their videos they ran upstairs breathing heavy and both dove in the bed. Kim shuddered, squeaked, and came at the same time.""As long as it's a fantasy, I'll play along.

Brian's favorite outfit for her though is nothing – just Kim naked on her back and waiting for his 9 inches. After one such recent viewing they stayed cuddled around each other with a little cock rubbing and tit pulling.

This great music's playin' and you rudely haven't asked your bride to dance."Brian sauntered over to Kim and asked her to dance.

She gave him a brief half smile, put her left arm around his shoulder and her right hand in his, and they started to slow dance.

He had pumped his cock with deliberation for ten minutes as he cooed in Kimberly's ear. That gets me so hot I can hardly stand it ""You're crazy," is all Kim could muster though she allowed the perverse picture into her mind.

They lay still catching their breath with his dick still buried in her. Now finish cleaning it." She gave him head for thirty seconds, sucking all the fluid off his dick and looked him in the eye. For just a second you thought it was Tom Cruise in your mouth and it gave you a tingly slutty feeling, huh?

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