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“You can say look, you’re going to be exposed to this – as a parent, you have to realize your kid is going to be exposed to this stuff and not everybody can make good decisions all the time.

Really the best we can do is to equip them to make sound decisions when it comes to right and wrong, educate them of potential dangers, and be someone they can be open and honest with about concerns and questions.” Parents can also model appropriate behavior.

"It’s one thing if you have a parent ranting and raving and appearing to freak out," he continued.

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In fact, the city already boasts one public pool where people can swim in the buff up to three times a week, as well as around 460 areas including camping sites and beaches.

A big piece of it is having some open and honest conversations and pointing to some hard-and-fast examples and explaining the types of instances and issues that can arise around use of social networks and mobile devices.” Most of the responsibility seems to be placed on the girls not to send these photos.

The question is typically: What should parents say to their daughters?

A country known for its laissez-faire attitude to nudity, France already boasts stacks of beaches, campsites and pools that can be enjoyed in the nude.

But now, Paris has opened its first-ever naked restaurant where diners can bare all while tucking in to dinner, Le Parisien reports.

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