Number of states mandating insurance race and dating online

Furthermore, state regulatory policies exhibit little variance across time, and this makes it more difficult to reach definitive conclu­sions about the causal impact of mandates.

Finally, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a study that examines how insurance prices affect health care coverage in the non-group mar­ket.[6] The CBO authors did not have direct access to state premium data, but they were able to impute premiums by examining the strength of various state community rating regulations.

Because non-group markets are a market of last resort for so many individuals, the cost of pre­miums in these markets likely affects whether or not many of these Americans can afford to purchase health insurance for themselves and their families.

Furthermore, emerging economic trends will likely increase the share of the working population without access to employer-sponsored insurance.

This is starting to change, and three studies issued in 2005 have examined the issue.

In January 2005, Mark Showalter, William Con­gdon, and Amanda Kowalski published a working paper entitled "State Health Insurance Regulation and the Price of High-Deductible Policies."[4] The authors used two separate datasets in their analysis.

Achieving these goals invariably requires trade-offs, but policymakers rarely make these trade-offs explicit.

This constitutes only a small subset of the overall health insurance market. Conversely, only 3.6 percent was enrolled in non-group or individual coverage.[3] However, even though only a relatively small number of individuals obtain insurance in the non-group market, it should be noted that insurance costs in the individual market can have a large impact on the number of uninsured individuals.

Beyond those who work in businesses in which the employer does not offer health insurance, increas­ing numbers of individuals are employed as sole proprietors or independent contractors and need to purchase insurance in non-group markets.

Ensur­ing access to affordable non-group health insurance should therefore be a priority for policymakers.

Other Regulatory Studies Relatively little academic and policy literature examines the impact of state-level health insurance regulations on health insurance premiums.

Histori­cally, part of the reason has been the lack of publicly available state data on individual health insurance costs.

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