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Or you could do things the easier way and use dating to determine the age of nearby rocks, which would help you figure out what depth underground is best to look for fossils of a specific age.

There are two major ways of being able to date rocks: relative dating and numerical dating.

You may be asking yourself, 'Why do we even care about dating rocks?

' Well, there are actually many great reasons to do so.

However, they were only an inch or so under the sand.Almost everything in the world is radioactive, even you. By measuring the concentrations of the radioactivity, we can determine how old the rocks are.This is because many rocks lose half of their radioactivity at regular intervals, known as half-lives.However, there are times when rock cuts across other layers.After all, chances are Captain Blackbeard buried his treasure, which meant that he dug across soil layers. As such, anything that they threw in was newer than anything that it cut across.

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