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RSVP's Lija Jarvis says her site was recently rebuilt to allow users to search for other people by interests or key words like animals or suburbs.

We (also) added the Communities tab which groups people with like-minded interests.

"Artsy" Instagrams, badly cropped vacation photos and group shots are all horrible primary photos.

Your main profile photo should be a clear shot of you by yourself — preferably a headshot — on a clean or solid background. Second: You want to purge your profile of anything that will turn women away. You don't sell chips by saying "They're decent enough, I guess." You aren't going to sell a car by telling prospective buyers that they shouldn't even about buying it unless they meet a 20 point checklist of prerequisites.

It also helps to be wearing something with a bright splash of colour to make your thumbnail stand out from the crowd. You sell it by making people think about how awesome their life would be if they had it.

Hey Doc, I'm a video game programmer, and general nerd, and I've come to the age where I would like to get a girlfriend.This can make the difference between her clicking through to check your profile or skipping to the next bachelor on the list.It's vitally important that you use a photo that makes the right impression.I think my profile is fine, as I don't go out of my way to geek out about any one thing, and I don't try to paint myself as someone I'm not either.I have some trouble trying to figure out what to put in the messages I've sent, so I've tried everything from long and specific messages to simple "Hey, how was your day? I'm not overweight (I'm actually skinny) and I'm not ugly, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing wrong.

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