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This season featured the show's 100th episode, with the airing of episode 13.The show stars Sally Field, Dave Annable, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, Matthew Rhys, Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig, Luke Macfarlane, and Gilles Marini.Brody leaves again but asks Nora to take care of his dog, he returns a few weeks later, the same day that Nora discovers that her mother has died.Brody helps Nora deal with unresolved issues with her mother and she asks him to stay so that they can be together.After Sarah discovers that Brody is her father he comes to win back Nora.At first she tries to stay away from him because of Sarah she can't help but give into her feelings for him.

Although they start off happy together, they eventually end their relationship after Karl finds it hard to deal with the rest of the Walkers and how close the family always seems to be.A man witnessing this asks her to audition for a new radio show giving motherly advice.Although she is initially intimidated by competing against a well-known psychiatrist, Nora wins the show after Kevin and Kitty call in with their problems.Although she is initially reluctant to speak to him she finds herself enjoying his company until she realises the reason she left him in the first place was because of his inability to commit.She realises he is still the same but that she doesn't blame him for that.

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