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The Flea Market is held during the day and is actually year round (weather permitting) and Sundays are the best day to go for deals.

most cities, every single shred of history has been paved over and strip malls put in its place, but here in Utah we have preserved so much of our history, and you can quickly hop in the car and visit some incredible places.Check out my guide to thrifting here- Wh WOH When the weather warms up, and the kids start to go stir crazy on weekends the best place to go is the drive-in.Pack a dinner and snacks, pile up blankets and watch a double feature.Take the kids or the dogs on a walk, dare to get lost, zigzag up streets you’ve never walked through before, just get out and explore!Check out my hood here- L Woodyatt Cherry Farm is known worldwide as THE BEST cherries for making pie and lucky for us it’s right around the corner.

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