Olive dating

Their tests, conducted with Dvory Namdar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Earth Sciences, revealed that the pottery dating to the Early Chalcolithic period contained olive oil.

Milevski said that on the same site the archaeologists found stone palettes with engravings of schematic female figures with animals around them.

“Now at Zippori, evidence has been found for the first time of the use of olive oil.

Together with the Kfar Samir discovery, this is the earliest evidence of olive oil production in the country, and possibly the entire Levant (the Mediterranean basin),” the researchers said in a statement.

"People selected new cultivars everywhere, but that was a secondary diversification later." From biblical times, the olive tree has served as a symbol of sacredness, peace and unity.

Archaeologists have unearthed olive pits at sites dating to about 8,000 years old.

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