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In fact, the idea for one of Lynard Skynard's top hits, "Give Me Three Steps," came during a visit to a bar near Ichetucknee Springs called the Jug on hwy 27, said Bruce Borders, a friend of the family all others ideas are BS. This is where the Gimme Three Steps scuffle really happened. I would've loved to see all the great legends in concert.

Also, the words gimme three steps were never spoken according to Gary Rossington.

I think Skynyrd even refers to it in the line "wait a minute mister, I didn't even kiss her" as the main subject in the above song admits "I couldn't resist one little kiss so inviting"....perhaps suggesting that he wasn't as guilty as the singer of "Come a Little Bit Closer"Ok, I just went an stood on the spot of the old "West Tavern/ Past time/ Judy's Pub" pictured on the LS website, it is in fact still demolished :) It is on the corner of Turknett road and Blanding blvd, jacksonville, Fla. It sat right on blanding blvd, and had parking for about six cars.

The site is for sale, 3.6 acres of which only the tiny pub itself was removed, the rest hasn't been touched since Ronnie last stepped down there, it's jungle. That area fits in exactly with the area Ronnie was living at in early and mid 20's. take Gary and Judy's word for it, it wasn't the Little Brown Jug. If you go to the LS website and the history Judy put together it will show what she says is the "past time".

is where I use to shoot pool at all the time mother in law was the bartender. The Still was on San Juan, the last time I was in there it had changed to the SOS. Love the rhythm and the guitar playing - but as I got older and joined the military I always looked forward to the day I could punch this moron in the mouth for leaving a helpless woman to face the music alone.

I was too young to drink being only 17 but not too young to know how to handle a cue stick.

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