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After working in the industry for about a decade, we know that we can get you castable and marketable headshots that your agents, managers and casting directors will LOVE.We will help you navigate the murky waters of your branding and casting to ensure that you leave with photos that will get you called in.Sixty-one percent believe others are misrepresenting themselves.And a whole 30 percent are married or live with a significant other, according to Keynote.And the stars have dry spells just like everyone else.Rivers Cuomo, frontman of the rock band Weezer, signed up for an online dating service site after remaining celibate for two years, he told Rolling Stone magazine last May.

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“I didn’t put it anywhere on anything that I filled out.

" However, when it comes to making a love connection, many still swear by "the real world." Out of 2,000 people polled, just 7 percent believe computer-dating services work, according to a recent annual survey by romance-novel publisher Harlequin.

And a 2005 study by Keynote, an Internet industry research firm, shows customer satisfaction with online dating is low.

Virtually all of them are created as fan pages or hoaxes. 5 English-language Web site, according to Alexa Internet’s rankings, people on the site get exposure.

Todd Shaeffer, an aspiring actor from Harrisburg, Penn., has a page on My Space. Night Shamalayan film, “Lady in the Water” as an extra, Shaeffer said he told the first assistant director, John Rusk, his first name, to which Rusk replied, “Todd Shaeffer?

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