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How true this will be for you and me, the King’s daughters who are all glorious within!

Live with divine patience in the process and God may even give you insight into how the end of your situation is better. Through confession and rebound (1 John 1:9) and receiving God’s grace, you will get to know the God of all Grace toward you and the end will be better.

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How true this was for Ruth, as Love lifted her out of an incestuous line into the royal line of King David from which Christ came.

Perhaps you are bothered by how small things start out for you.

The Holy Spirit through the prophet Zechariah gives us much needed counsel in Zechariah . It really reads, “the small.” We are not to despise “the small” in our lives. The small outreach team, the small response from the lost in evangelism, the small Bible study, the small contribution in preparing a meal for the sick, the small tithes/ offerings, the small investment in your family, the small response from your teen-age child, the small or limited opportunities you have to be around the Body of Christ because you’re busy in God’s calling for you as a wife or mother.

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending in Revelation 1:8 and .

Are we willing to defer all judgment to Him and let Him have the final word?

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    Moral questions about condom use are not within the remit of this resource, but questions of fact are, and condoms’ ability to stop HIV is periodically questioned by people opposed to their use on religious or moral grounds.