Online dating boston ma

You can search for your soulmate at one of the area's 70 museums or 200 art galleries.

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So in Boston people tend to do wider searches, to see who lives within 40 miles instead of 10." Washington, D. " Each new administration brings in a new batch of transplants looking to unwind and commiserate," says Yagan.

Boston is the best city in America for online dating, according to data provided by Ok Cupid, a free matching service.

They analyzed their 1.51 million active users to find the cities where the highest percentage of the adult population had active profiles on the site within the last year.

Among the top 10, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Detroit have the highest percentage of unmarried adults over the age of 15, according to the U. Census Bureau, each with more than half of the adult population single. In these cities, the large numbers of singles may mean more chances to meet people, but it also means more competition--and more reasons to seek out other venues for connection, like online dating sites.

Nine of our top 10 cities have a single population above the U. " It can be a quick, easy way to socialize, especially for people who have really taxing careers, which most people in large cities do," says Davis.

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