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With the rise in popularity of steel cans the glass industry had to innovate, and their answer was the stubbie.

Stubbies were originally named steinies because they resembled the traditional German beer stein.

The Viking Society for Northern Research is making virtually all its publications (and some other related items) from inception in 1893 to the present freely available on this website, though recent titles may not be released until three years from the date of publication.

These digital versions are not intended to replace our printed publications, and titles currently in print will remain available to buy in book form as long as there is a demand for them (the list can be seen at ).

The copyright belongs either to the authors or to the Viking Society, as stated at the beginning of each work, and permission must be obtained from the Society to use downloaded versions either in whole or in part for any other purpose..

Some publications are very large and may take several minutes to download.

Titles which do not at present have a link will be added in due course.

For his head brewer, Latham hired Gisborne-born Alfred Terry who had the magic touch when it came to brewing palatable, bright and clear beer which preserved well.

Terry’s lighter colonial beers were much easier to drink in the Australian heat than the heavy European imports and soon barrels of freshly brewed Carlton Ale were being transported by Clydesdale to hotels throughout the city.

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