Online dating for older women

Other chaps posted pics of celebrities they thought they looked like.Don’t put up a photo of a celeb unless you are that celebrity. With older blokes showing no interest in me, I figured my time was up.My pics were genuine, recent and not particularly sexy. They’d hit at my age because it was an easy target. Finding someone to love is hard, of course, but apps can make the whole endeavour enjoyable, faster and easier — and less complicated than sites which ask you a million questions about what you’re looking for.Maybe I looked fake because I didn’t paint on my eyebrows? The important thing is to realise that dating hasn’t really changed since when you first did it.As we get older the man-to-woman ratio moves more and more lopsided.Some statistics show that for every man over 50, there are up to 5 women; over 60, ten women, and so on. The days of sitting back and waiting for anything incoming are over.

I was aware that I was chatting with someone who, in another possible world, could have been my son. We all have a fixed idea about what kind of person we’d like to meet, but beyond that, I treated the apps as a social experiment in the wide variety of people dating in the UK.

He’d be lucky to get a one-night stand with his own species.

The saddest profiles wouldn’t have current photos but young photos, some of which I’m sure were Polaroids.

According to dating site eharmony’s research, the next decade’s daters are going to be mainly in the 55-64 age range.

Stats show a 30 per cent rise in single older potential mates.

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