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We will carefully review your story and publish it on our website.This way your story will have a big exposure and you will also get feedback from our users. Is this your end of existence we need more darkness and what a hell of a mental state this wasn't my New York state of mind.“Where did you go,” he asked, “why can’t I see you anymore? Two gentlemen, Jasper and Frank, nestled among a group of wealthy citizens. Due to the stories Jasper heard about her, he wasn’t quite fond of meeting her.” The real me is on the other side of the door, and I am oh so lonely. Till all of a sudden a rumour began to spread across the room. A hush came among the people as he shifted his eyes to see a young tall gorgeous woman standing in the doorway.

Thus, when reading a poem to a passed loved one, one must choose to be as elegant as a...

What fucker's of a different tribe It was a hot humid smoked up day.

Looking out the darkness spanked her window, it needed a change,her blood was dripping out of the art-work.

A police officer does not come to a house and say: “Madame, I do regret to dispose of your heavenly evening but your daughter is farther and passed as she can get”.

They say it how the fact is, “Your daughter is dead”.

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    There are two video chat modes, monitored and unmonitored.

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    Habit #1: They Start With Flattery They say flattery gets you everywhere, but in this case, it’ll get you nowhere. If they message you first, they are likely to say something that makes you feel like they are really into you.

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